Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE is an open-source server management platform. With the built-in web GUI, we can easiliy manage VMs and containers.


  1. Flash the USB stick with Proxmox VE using Etcher.
  2. Insert the USB into our computer.
  3. Start the computer and press F2 continuously until we see the BIOS menu.
  4. Go to Boot and disable secure boot.
  5. Press F10 to save and exit.
  6. Follow the Proxmox installation wizard. See Proxmox installation for more details.
  7. Once installation completed, open the URL as shown in the terminal from another device under the same network.
  8. To login, the username is root and the password is what we configured during Proxmox installation.

Upload ISO

  1. Login to Proxmox VE.
  2. On the left hand side, expand Datacenter, until we see nodes.
  3. Expand the node until you see local. Click on local.
  4. On the right hand side, click ISO Images.
  5. Click Upload and select the iso file that we want to upload.