Email: info@desmonding.me


Bluestone, Consultant, 2018 ~ current


StubHub, Software Engineer, 2016 ~ 2018

  • Reduced time running financial user acceptance tests by 2000% by architecting and implementing a real-time end-to-end automation system offering dynamic use case building, concurrent job execution, on-demand job retry, parameter customization and output validation.
  • Retired Java-based legacy automation framework and improved UI test coverage by developing and maintaining a Node.js automation framework targeting front-end engineers.
  • Decreased time customer service team acquiring test data by 300% by building a dashboard which supports generating, searching, filtering and paginating orders and listings.
  • Initiated team weekly workshop to improve code review process and share productivity tips.

Stuvi, Software Engineer, 2015 ~ 2016

  • Designed, developed and launched a textbook trading platform from scratch.
  • Optimized textbook fuzzy search by implementing full-text search and ranking algorithm.
  • Implemented an admin system to filter, search and manage website resources.
  • Created order pickup and delivery mobile-solution for couriers.

Tenze Technology, Software Engineer Intern, 2014


  • Zooming: Dependency-free JavaScript image zoom library. (1000+ stars on GitHub)
  • HN Mail: Topic-based newsletter service for Hacker News.

More projects are available on GitHub.

Programming Languages

In order of proficiency:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Solidity, TypeScript
  3. Java, PHP, Rust
  4. C, C++, Haskell, Python
  5. Elm, Elixir, Go, Racket


  • M.S. in Computer Science, University of California, Davis, 2019 ~ ??
  • B.A. in Computer Science, Boston University, 2011 ~ 2015