I firmly believe it is a great store of value. The fact that people in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil trust Bitcoin more than their inflating fiat currency already proves that. It is probably the best coin to invest in my opinion.


It is the most matured smart contract platform as of 2019. However, from a developer’s perspective, the tooling is still quite inmature compare to the traditional development experience. It will certainly improve once major upgrades are done.


One of the cryptocurrencies that has a real use case: international payment settlement for banks.


The most carefully planned out blockchain project I’ve ever seen. I’m fully aligned with its vision and truly hope it can succeed.

Bitcoin Cash

I have no reservation on this cryptocurrency itself. But should I say that all the stuff around the opinion leader Roger Ver is such a DRAMA?

Bitcoin SV

This one is not even worth to talk about.

Basic Attention Token

An interesting way to try to fix the invasive Ads revenue model on the Internet. I believe micropayments will become the norm in the future and values on the Internet will be distributed more to the users instead of monolithic tech companies. BAT is a step forward in realizing that.


I don’t believe it has any real value in the long term, but it sounds fun.