Knowledge Management

I think there are two kinds of knowledge: personal knowledge and team knowledge.

Personal Knowledge Management

Should I write down and organize stuff that I thought was useful in the future? To be honest, I’m not quite sure. Most of the time, I find myself saving or writing down things but never ever look at it again.

However, there is one form of Knowledge Management which I think is both easy to implement and useful: bookmark a web page for later consumption or future reference. For me, I simply save any article that, either I don’t have time to read at the moment or I think I might need it in the future, to Pinboard. Then I can easily search and review articles when time comes.

Team Knowledge Management

No one would deny that a well-documented knowledge base could make the teamwork much more efficient.

In a team-setting, it is a good idea to document things that helps coworkers and myself to understand the business logic and maintain the project.

Is there anything that should not be documented? Everything that can be automated!